Ye Old Shoppe...

I have been sent a selection of pictures from the shop through the ages, i'm not entirely sure of the exact dates but I thought it would be nice to share them with you all.

It seems that not much has really changed in the last 100 years. Shopfronts have been added to and taken away. The George Hotel still stands, and is undergoing work as I type. The monument/fountain (i'm not sure quite what it is) in the middle of the square is still a central point of the town.

The group of photos also include a couple of pictures of my pharmacist predecessors. I am the first shopkeeper in this premises not be in the pharmacy profession, so no pressure. I do get the odd person still thinking i'm the pharmacy!!

Ivor Phillips.jpg

First image is of Ivor Reginald Phillips who was working in Axminster in the 30s and the second is of Jim Llewellyn who was his predecessor. I think then the pharmacy was kept in two generations of the Llewellyn family, subsequently being purchased by Ian Morton, which is who I lease the building off. He has moved the pharmacy across the road into the old bank.

Jim Llewelyn 001.jpg

I really need to go and find out more from the Heritage Centre which is the fountain of knowledge of all that is Axminster, which is just up the road from the shop itself. Just another reason to visit us!